The inflammation of the hair follicle - folliculitis

Young women and men are often seeking help with this problem which can successfully be solved by laser hair removal Folliculitis is an inflammation of one or more hair follicles mostly caused by Staphylococcus auerus bacteria.

It mostly develops in the area of the bikini line and arms and legs (in women) and in the chin and neck area (in men), but it can occur in any body area. Folliculitis can be superficial or deep (mostly as a consequence of physical or chemical skin irritation). Red pimples and warts appear on the skin surface. Patients often touch these changes causing them to spread across the skin surface. If the inflammation spreads to perifollicular surrounding tissue or spreads deeper into the hypoderm, warts will be developed. This can happen in all body areas, except the soles and palms, areas void of follicles. This condition is treated with antibiotics, sometimes over a longer period of time, especially if bigger skin areas such as legs are affected. This condition often comes back after the antibiotic treatment.

There is a sophisticated way of therapy, often embraced by the younger population, the laser hair removal. Not only does it solve the problem permanently, but the skin remains smooth and beautiful after the treatment, thus having a positive aesthetic effect very important to a young person. These treatments should be performed by a skilled dermatologist with clinical knowledge in order to avoid unwanted effects on the patient's skin (burns) and only in this case the treatment is efficient and completely safe.


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